Finally, a speaker who answers the tough questions and delivers a candid approach to professional development.


Activate Your Story

There is always a moment that changes your life. A moment that will guide your life and professional goals. That moment should link together personal and professional aspirations on trajectory of greatness. But you have to know how to share the value of your most powerful attribute. That attribute is your story. Activate your passion and watch your goals unfold right in front of you. 

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Build Relationships

Networking you’re doing it everyday whether your know it or not. But when its intentional you have to start from a place of giving not getting. It is the only way authentic relationships can be built.  How these relationships start is up to you and knowing the power of the give. Are you ready to learn some of the most fun and ingenious networking tips that even an introvert will standout. 



It's still relevant, but the demographics have changed.  Diversity is a politically correct topic no one ever wants to tackle candidly. However, diversity just doesn’t include race and gender any more. We now have to tackle the generational differences. The power lies in open discuss and inclusion from both sides. Lets have a guided session on the relevancy of it now. 


Public Media

You're calling it Social Media? So, if you are calling it the wrong thing. You, your employees, or the company are using it wrong. The power of Social Media isn’t about quantity its about authenticity. The message shouldn’t be crafted marketing jargon but passion infused information. We are constantly sharing but lets learn how to share and make tangible connections? 

Public Media

A captivating speaker, Kia knows how to rock a room! Her dynamic format of making her way around the room engages the audience. Stories put the imagination to work. Authenticity speaks to the heart of the audience and she nails it! A gifted speaker she is!
— Amy Eisenberg