What is your Passion Place?

What or when was the moment that unlock your passion for design, education, business, art, journalism, politics, entrepreneurship?  Yes! There was a moment, an experience, or a person that excited you to your core and you said, 

“This is what I want to be when I grow up.”

“This is what I want to do to inspire others!” 

“This is how I will live a life of fulfillment.”

That moment is your Passion Place. It is your most valuable tool. Why? Because it's YOUR story. It is what's unique to YOU. No two people will have the same story. We live in a world where conformity and perfection are overrated.  There is more to life then putting the checks in the box, the right job titles on a resume, or a paycheck.  Life is about living and working directly from your Passion Place. 

Is what your doing or  how you are living making you feel the same way you did when you found your Passion Place? No? Then STOP doing it!


Your story is the motivator behind your personal and professional growth. Your passion will ultimately come through in every life stage, interview, job, and relationship. If you start with sharing your Passion Place, your story is what will set you apart from every other student, co-worker and company. Learn how to tell your story.  Learn your value. Learn when to take risk. Learn how to use the passion for your purpose to move forward.

Do you, your students, or your employees need a lesson in storytelling? Learning how to identify and continually be inspired by your own stories?

For a session that will change they way you live and work. Contact Kia!

Speaking Candidly

They Are Talking

She has an amazing and energetic ability to engage an audience and identify with their journey and their struggles. She held the attention of everyone in the room with her very personal interactions with individuals and with her humor. Her message of identifying one’s authentic self and being true to that is a powerful message. Kia is the Real Deal!
— Jan Banister
She knows how to explain the importance of networking and getting people to know who YOU are. I have learned something new each time I have heard her present!
— Gillian Bowman