Public Service Announcement 

Let’s rattle off the list first! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Periscope, Pinterest, Instagram, KiK, Vine, YouTube and … This list will continuously be updated just like your status. But what hasn’t changed is the name! Industry would have you believe these are all various types of “Social Media” accounts. I will be the first to say the industry is wrong! Why? Let’s start with going back to the basics and define the word social. There are multiple definitions; but this one jumps out the most “of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society.” The definition seems in line with the basic principles of social media..relating to and interacting with individuals or groups, agree? These individuals or groups could be your relatives, co-workers, potential employers, companies, employees, friends, or institutions.

However, the big disconnect is the information that we share on these platforms instantaneously becomes PUBLIC for all these groups and individuals to see. Before you mention privacy settings, I will pull back the curtain and tell you NOTHING is private on the internet. Sorry. It’s PUBLIC MEDIA. So if you’re calling it the wrong thing. I have to assume you are using it the wrong way too. The GOOD news is I can guide you to the path of Public Media success.


First, it starts with establishing what you want people to see about you or your company. Simple?  Maybe, until you are sharing everything from breakfast, lunch, kids’ birthdays, corporate marketing jargon, scripted post, and stale sales pitches. The biggest mistake you’re making is sharing everything. I know you CAN but STOP. It’s hurting you and your company’s brand. Let’s work to together to establish a strategic Public Media strategy. Yes, I used the word strategic for what people deem as personal social sharing sites. Which leads to the second mistake, don’t put your personal life on the very public internet. PERIOD. It opens you, your employees and company up to a variety of vulnerabilities. Yes, this is a hard pill to swallow but you will thank me later. However, there are ways to have an authentic and personal voice. There are ways to utilize public media to benefit your personal and professional growth. There are ways to showcase your company’s strengths and values.  There are ways to not spend every waking hour between the ten plus platforms. The burning question now…is HOW? That answer is simple schedule a session with me today!



Speaking Candidly

They're Talking

Kia is simply a rockstar. There’s no other way to put it. We called on Kia to panel one of our monthly Social Media University webinars and her enthusiasm was electric. Kia’s style of presenting was authentic, professional, engaging and truly made for a memorable experience for all attendees. Highly recommended is an understatement.
— Aiden McGuire
I admired her savvy guidance on managing your business via social media. Kia was well knowledgeable and very receptive to questions and gave applicable recommendations.
— Ronita Simmons
For nearly two hours had my full attention. Her passion toward educating others showed thoroughly. Attendees consisted of both students and professionals eager to learn how social media could help their business, open their eyes to a new way of marketing. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. Working at a more conservative company, social media is a work in progress. Learning how we can use it to our advantage was inspiring! I highly recommend Kia as speaker. She has a natural ability to connect with individuals.
— Nicolette Powell