The Art of Networking

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Student, Employee or CEO? No matter what category you fall into networking has to be a part of your professional growth. No, not to collect a stack of business cards or 500+ connection on LinkedIn. I understand why you would think that, typical business etiquette would have you believe that networking is all about who you know. Right? You can’t get the job if you don’t know a friend of a friend who’s Dad works at the company. You will not get the contract because you didn't go to the same alma mater?  Wrong! The biggest misconception behind networking is everyone is out for the get.


The best relationships don’t start by asking for something. They start by giving something. Network from a place of giving, learning, and humility. Don’t focus on saying the right thing focus on learning more. 

Wait, you don’t know the right way to introduce yourself? Where to start? Well guess what?


Why? It gives them an authentic glimpse of who you are! Relationships should feel authentic, so what’s better then starting with motivates you. 

Still feeling stuck? Don’t worry I have some awesome networking tips applicable for introverts and extroverts. First you have to connect with me.

Speaking Candidly

They're Talking

Kia is a phenomenal speaker. She lead a session at SpArc Interiors and really engaged the audience. The presentation was not a lecture, but a discussion with the audience, giving everyone the opportunity to be an active participant in the conversation. The messaging was clear and allowed for divergent ideas to be explored. Her session was one of, if not the highest rated of the program!
— Michelle Cardinal
Kia represents all that is professional and passionate. Her business acumen, vision, rigor, heart and public speaking talent provides a priceless blend of qualities any client or employer would dream of. I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with Kia in various leadership roles and have hired her as a speaker/moderator/facilitator for ASID professional development programs. Her performance in speaking roles is unmatchable and she has quickly become a household name in the design industry and media outlets. Rightfully so as Kia is a true gem.
— Katie Hansen