The Days of the Ten Year Employee are Gone

The cultural make up of your school and workplace have become a cultural, age, and gender melting pot. However, how do all these preverbal ingredients blend together effortlessly in your workplace?

Depending on the year… “_______”  differences will be the hot topic or challenge across college campuses and the workplace. No matter what the trending topic is the key to inclusivity is communication.  Sounds simple right? Well, how are you as an organization or person facilitating these conversations? Yes, YOU have to engage, cultivate and inspire your employees not just for the value of your company but whatever industry your company serves. 

Why, because its promotes retention, reinforces productivity, and more importantly fosters an environment of purpose. 


In 2016 generational differences is on the tip of everyone's tongue. You can’t go a day without seeing What Millennials Want? Gen X is the forgotten generation. Baby Boomers just don’t understand Gen Ys’ entitlement attitude. What you don’t see these issues? Well have you asked…

Is Gen X constantly feeling under appreciated? 

Does the Baby Boomer constantly feel like Gen Y isn’t carrying their weight because they leave the office at 5pm on the dot. 

Does Gen Y feel like all the menial task continuously get dumped on them? 


If you answered yes to one of those questions then we need to talk.  Why because you can’t forget the generations and cultural experiences before now. You have to reinforce, reevaluate and begin creating a culture of collaboration. 

Its not a great generational divide its a bridge. Let’s talk about how to build a bridge. 

Speaking Candidly

They're Talking

The older folk in the room (myself included) felt they were challenged to think about how they work and interact with Gen Y and the Millennial generations.
— Valerie Coleman